One little girl

I have an officemate named Renata. She’s also write a blog like me, you can visit her page here. She comes in a humble size and it makes her uber cute. She’s a cat lovers, you need to ask her how gentle she raised her lovin kittens. Apparently, not only cat. She loves animal, her dream was to be a veterinarian. Renata is a good friend of mine, but i dislike her when we have our lunch time. She’s quite picky and a slow eater. yeah we are kind of different thing on this sight.

Trust me i really thank God for her. Not long after i joined my current office, she came along and we became a pair after then.

Since there’s nothing last forever in friendship, i mean, there comes a time we can not talking face to face everyday anymore like we used to do. I would sent you a sincere prayer, i hope you all the best thing in life, i hope you grow through life, and find your truly one as soon as possible.

I really really thank God that we met!

*Would love to upload our pics but unfortunately we dont have proper pics even just oneeeee. Perhaps, this is such a reminder for us to take lot of selfies lol.*


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  1. That’s beautiful. Hoping to read more from you.


      1. My pleasure. You can visit my blog too and let me know what you think about it.


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