This Blog Existence

Time seems faster than it seems. I made this blog once just for joining 31 days writing challenge. for those who absent, will get fine.

for the sake of not paying the fine, i urge myself to write. anything. however, there comes a day i feel like do not want to write. a very tiring day and so damn exhausted. i just can’t. i let myself to sleep then. i know we have to push our personal limit, but i also know body immune is not as good as anyone else so yeah. go to sleep after tolak anginan is the option that i took. (let’s see how much i should pay at the finish line)

somehow tonight i think another reason why i should blogging. i mean, after this challenge done, am i stop writing? i think i should not, because actually i  really like writing. im just too lazy to spend my time to construct my thought, read about thing that i curious to write also at least its me who not confidence enough to share whats in my mind.

well, i supposed to keep blogging because i love it. i just read all my write and it’s like me find myself from other side. not only the content, i also need to upgrade how this page look like. i just a got a feeling i should more serious on this digital page of mine. this could be beneficial something for others (i hope it is).

later, maybe im not writing on a daily basis as i do for now but i promise myself to take care of this blog 🙂





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